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Communication 400 class Persuasion, Politics, and Propaganda Tom Hyatt COM/400 November 23, 2012 Persuasion, Politics, and Propaganda The news industry has been in charge of shaping the opinions of the audience for several years. Along with this issue, there are global giants who also control the media. As a result, many seem to turn to the Internet as a source for the news. The Internet/World Wide Web introduces many ways to engage voters and facilitate participation in politics (Bucy, 2005). However, consumers remain vulnerable to media persuasion, politics, and propaganda. Objective News Article November 23, USA Today newspaper article discusses the Middle East Peace and the United…show more content…
The article discusses that even though Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu was for Romney, President Obama did not use political revenge against him. Newton-small (2012) stated “Obama also spent time persuading Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy to use his sway over Hamas — Morsy’s political party, the Muslim Brotherhood, spawned Hamas years ago — to bring about a cease-fire” (p. 1). The article concludes with stating that President Obama may win a Nobel Prize for his attempts made to bring peace to the Middle East. Differences The newspaper article simply stated facts on the presidents and the years of attempts made by the United States. It gave a historic chart of positives and negatives. It also did not show any favoritism to either one of the presidents. The article showed a historic view of 1977 to the present. However, the Time article focused mainly on the positive attempts made by President Obama. The article also gave much credit to all the efforts made from 2009 up to now. The Time article only showed President Obama’s photograph and gave a perspective of the steps taken by Obama. Vulnerability Many are victims to political persuasion. I do not believe that I am easily persuaded by the media or by any political candidate. However, this may be because I have been in the media industry for several years and have a radio and broadcasting degree. In

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