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.Ok , Every People In This Classroom. Listen To me . Switzerland is a very beautiful country . Switzerland has a population of about 7.95 million. Foreigners account for around 22.7% of the resident population. The average age is increasing, as people live longer and have fewer children. Lifestyles are changing as the Swiss adapt to new demands. Religious belief has declined in recent years, but the religious landscape has diversified. Switzerland has four unevenly distributed languages and a wealth of dialects.
Since 1972 fewer children have been born than is necessary for continued population growth. In 1998 there were more deaths than births among Swiss citizens - the first time this had happened since records
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Other languages
The many foreigners resident in Switzerland have brought with them their own languages, which taken as a whole now outnumber both Rumantsch and Italian. The 2000 census showed that speakers of Serbian/Croatian were the largest foreign language group, with 1.4% of the population. English was the main language for 1%
Languages in Switzerland | | German | 63.7% | French | 20.4% | Italian | 6.5% | Rumantsch | 0.5% | Other | 9 % |

In comparison with other European countries the number of foreigners taking Swiss nationality is quite low, although one in every 10 adults holding Swiss citizenship in 2001 had acquired it through naturalisation. Between 1992 and 2005 the annual number of naturalisations trebled. Three quarters of those taking Swiss nationality in 2005 came from Europe. One third of them were born in Switzerland. One third of the people living in Switzerland in the same year were either migrants themselves or the descendants of migrants, according to the Federal Statistical Office. The proportion of foreigners in the resident population is high, standing at 21.7% in 2008, although they are extremely unevenly spread. In Europe only Luxembourg and Liechtenstein have higher proportions. The proportion of foreigners is particularly high among children: the 2000 census showed that overall 25.8% of children under 6 years old did not have Swiss nationality. In the five biggest cities 45% of children in this age range were not

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