Pertinent Portfolio for Field Study

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Pertinent portfolio
Junje gimongala
Field study 1

1st Semester

Name : Junje Gimongala
Age : 18 years old
Address : Tugbongan, Consolacion, Cebu
Sex : Male
Citizenship : Filipino
Civil Status : Single
Religion : United Pentecostal Church
Father : Gorgonio Gimongala
Mother : Jenilin Gimongala
PERSONAL VIEWS I believe that education is for all, and it is the responsibility of the teacher to cater these needs. A teacher should have patient and compassion towards his pupils and not become too harsh in handling his/her pupils.
Tertiary : Consolacion Community College Present Laray, Consolacion, Cebu

Secondary : Tugbongan National High School 2010
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But the teachers are able to handle them. Some of the teacher uses corporal punishment towards her pupils and some are not, though pupils are naughty and hardheaded, some of the teachers use to apply some reinforcements to the child.


SCHOOL FACILITIES CHECKLIST facilities | available | Not availble | Library | | ✔ | Laboratory | | ✔ | Canteen/ Cafeteria | ✔ | | Comfort Rooms | ✔ | | Reading Center | | ✔ | Medical Clinic | | ✔ | Counseling Room | | ✔ | Audio Visual Room/ Media Center | | ✔ | Home Economics Room | ✔ | |

CLASSROOM FACILITIES MATRIX Classroom facilities | Description(location, arrangement, condition, number) | Wall Display | The rooms are well-decorated, it have a lots of designs which are related to their subject. It makes the room colorful. | Teacher’s Table | They have two tables, one for the teacher and one for the observer. They also have decorated their tables, most especially the teacher’s table. | Learner’s Desk | There are three pupils in one disk, they have limited disk so that’s why sometimes they are four occupying in just one desk. |

REFLECTION ON EACH SECTION As what you’ve seen in the entries or evidence, the school has

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