Peru Culture

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Culture is the aquired knowledge that people use to interpret, experience, and generate social behavior.
Culture is learned by viewing beliefs and customs within the culture and we extrapolate meaning systems by observing what people do, what they say, and the artifacts people use. In class, we studied Peru's culture through college students at USIL, a university in Lima. We were able to talk to them through video,e-mail, and chat discussion.
My partner was Fiorella and from her I learned many things about her culture: College life, family tradition, religion, meaning of life, stereoytpes, and predjudices. From talking to Fiorella, I found that some things about the university in Lima were similar and some were different to
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She and her classmates enjoy watching MTV and are very much into sports like soccer. They celebrate holidays such as independence day, teacher's day, and mother and father's day. Most teenagers are not able to work until they are about eighteen years old and they usually marry after college or in their mid twenties. Our asked the students from Lima what is the typical food dish, and the students told us that is was fish, potatoes, bananas, and rice. Their dishes are traditionally spicy and natural. I learned many things from the students about their traditions. Religion, stereotypes, and prejudices were topics brought up during our experience with the students of
Lima. The major religion in Peru is Catholicism and it is very important to go to church every sunday. For example,
Fiorella's most important tradition is to go to church every sunday then eat lunch with her grandparents. The most popular tradition in Peru, according to the students, is Thanksgiving and New Years. It is a tradition to wear all white clothers. Another thing that I learned is that Peruvians do not celebrate Holloween because it is the same day as the criolla song, which is where people celebrate the country's songs. They call this day The Lord of Miracles. I learned some interesting things about stereotypes and prejudices. To them, America is too proud or patriotic. Some of the students said that America is not educated enough about Peru's culture.
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