Peruvian Dance Research Paper

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It was a miracle from the Lord to be able to sleep in past 6:30 this morning – for the first time all week it felt like I wasn’t waking up for a school day . Not only were we able to sleep in but when I flicked on the TV I was joyfully greeted by the French Open (I had been very sport deprived and love watching all of the tennis majors)! The hotel rooms were pretty impressive and we were also greeted by a wonderful breakfast buffet on a beautiful third floor terrace. The spread was great and having Wi-Fi while eating breakfast was something I never thought I’d see again. After our wonderful daily devotion delivered by the great Reverend Eric Bartel, we set off on foot through the hectic streets of well-advertised Lima. After a quaint yet…show more content…
The buffet was… interesting and definitely Peruvian… but good none the less. David and I both battled upset stomachs, something I have been all too familiar with on this trip, but we survived. Once, settled in we were treated to about six different styles of Peruvian dance, many of which became interactive! First was Matt Allen who marveled us with his ‘unique’ talent, but even better yet was the performance we witnessed from Ford McArver and Mrs. Watson! There was a dance where the performing couples would try to light a piece of paper on fire which was clipped to the others butt, while they were trying to dance away. This is exactly what Ford and Mrs. Watson got called up to do . While Ford embraced it and did more shimmying that he did lighting we all laughed hysterically as Mrs. Watson began running away when her partner was attempting to light her on fire. Besides this wonderful spectacle, the other highlight of dinner was Andrew Bansek and Thomas Carter getting turned away from an “all you can eat” dessert spread after taking about 30 of the miniature brownies each! And I must say the brownies helped my stomach too… once again proving to myself that sugar works very medicinally. Peru has been a phenomenal experience, yet spiritually and physically draining, and I can’t wait to get back to tell you all more about it in
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