Pervasiveness of Marketing

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What Marketing Can Change
Vital marketing decisions are made by every business; but as important as it is to make the right business decision… it is essential that marketing professionals understand how their marketing impacts our social values.
There are several different ways that marketers get their message across to potential customers(1), each marketing communications tool can have different effects on us. Marketing is intrusive, businesses are constantly trying to push their brands in our faces… we barely process one piece of information before the next one comes shooting our way. The pervasiveness marketing has undoubtedly influenced our mind-set and behaviour… a disposable culture creeps closer to becoming reality. It’s because
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Economy flyers are made to think that they are normal, nothing special, but some of them could actually be successful. Some of them may have significantly advanced in their careers, and may have even helped the world! The social values of first class travellers has changed into looking down on other passengers who aren’t flying first class… the feeling of self accomplishment is just an illusion created by marketing.

There are other marketing tools which de-individualises customers and sees them as groups and not individuals. An example of this is the postcode analysis, this influences the social values of consumers into thinking that they are only as good as the people who live near them. Marketing professionals need to start respecting customers as customers, and they need to understand the uniqueness of each individual consumer. There is a really important marketing tool that can assess how much marketers are impacting our social values. Businesses can construct a PESTEL analysis of themselves to gain a better understanding of what is in their way… and what they need to take into account before implementing any marketing decisions. MOSAIC is another segmentation tool used by marketers to decide exactly how to target their target market. This generalises too much and doesn’t see customers as individuals, but as titles.
There is one main point that marketing critics’ keep bringing up. They see branding as

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