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1.0 Introduction
Qantas Airways Limited was founded in Queensland in Australia in 1920, and it is one of the oldest airlines in the world. Qantas is the acronym of the Queensland and Northern Territory Air Services. It is the Australia’s largest airline and Australia’s national airline. Its parent company is Qantas Group. Qantas Group operates the Australian aviation industry, including aviation (stock limited liability company operating international routes and Australia), QantasLink, Jetstar (low-cost airlines), Jetstar Asia, and other aviation-related business. The kangaroo logo of Qantas is a symbol of reliability, security, advanced technology and quality service.
2.0 Critical Information on Company
Qantas Airways Limited, together
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These really improved the convenience of flying. So, the aircraft is becoming the main means of transport.
3.1.2 Economic
After a financial crisis turned into the economic crisis, Qantas Airways Limited will inevitably be affected. Today, global enterprises had to reduce spending in all areas; to reduce business travel is the preferred one (Bonn & Rundle-Thiele, 2007; Greve, Nielsen, & Ruigrok, 2009). International Air Transport Association recently published data show that in December last year, the year-on-year passengers in business class and first class reduced by13.3%. In January this year, Asia-Pacific business class passengers fell by nearly 24 percent and business class passengers in Europe decreased by 22.2%, respectively. It was a big blow to the aviation industry (Graham, 2009).
3.1.3 Legal-political
The Australian government is taking measures to help Qantas Airways Limited to tide over the difficulties. British Airways and Qantas Airways Limited are considering a potential merger, which is considered the most ambitious initiatives in accelerating the integration process of world 's aviation industry (Duval, 2008). It was a truly global airline step, because the two sides’ route network coverage matched well. If the two companies successfully merged, the two sides will reduce the waste of resources brought about by coincidence, by the combined route network expansion, in a number of key revenue synergies and will further consolidate the

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