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PEST ANALYSIS The market environment is a marketing term and it refers to all of the forces outside of marketing that affect marketing management's ability to build and maintain successful relationships with target customers. Company, its suppliers, distributors, and its competitors are also impacted by what is happening in the world. To succeed therefore, it is necessary to continuously monitor, anticipate, and adapt, to that environment, and wherever possible, shape that environment. The market environment consists of both the macro environment and the micro environment. MICRO ENVIROMENT This environment influences the organization directly. It includes suppliers that deal directly or indirectly, consumers and customers, and…show more content…
As the allocation process is getting more simplified and transparent, networks are rolled out faster. In summary, regulatory changes have lowered tariffs, bringing down overall cost of service ownership and boosted investments in the networks which enhance both mobile service quality and capacity, widened network coverage, which in turn will further lower the tariff, then encourage more consumers to take up services. ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT Market requires not only people but purchasing power also. The available purchasing power in an economy depends on: The state of the economy State of the economy related to the category of economic status of that country either is developed, developing or underdeveloped economy. Basically developing economy is the potential market of handsets as these countries have many of service providers so the demand of reliable and efficient handsets as well.... India in spite of the recession had a growing economy and hence this contributed to increased sales of handsets in these years. Income distribution Income distribution basically related to the section of the society, high income group, high middle class group, middle class group, low middle class group & low class
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