Pest Analysis Of China 's Live And Recorded Music

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PEST Analysis of China’s Live and Recorded Music
The following is a PEST analysis showing the viability of recorded and live music sales in China. An analysis of the PEST factors divulges that it will be difficult for China to become a leading market in recorded and live music by 2028.
Political factors
China is politically stable relative to other emerging economies as regards to public service delivery and economic expansion. But the country’s public and private sectors experience rampant corruption and poor governance. There is a lack of democracy and people do not freely exercise their bill of rights like freedom of speech. this is extended to musicians who cannot freely sing about their mind but must adhere to the culture and country’s constitution.
The system of communism ensures that the government is in charge of all aspects of business, eliminating the chances of liberal trade for investors (McGregor, 2011). The one party system creates an investment risk for businesses because it lacks transparency in standard business practice performed in other countries where liberal trade thrives. Hence, the music industry cannot operate freely because of heavy censorship reducing sale of music and, hence, limiting the overall growth of the industry.
The Chinese government is not doing much to protect musicians and artists against copyright infringement. This is the case even after China signed the copyright agreement with other countries to restrict copyright violation
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