Pest Analysis Of Luxury Hotel

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1. Introduction (200)
In recent years, with the rapid growth of economic development, travelling has become increasingly important in our daily life; thus, driving the hospitality industry develops continuously. This report aims using PESTLE method analysis the development trend of luxury hotel in China, and provide some recommendations to make sure the luxury hotel develops sustainability in the future.
2. Introduction to the Trend
2.1. Trend’s Background
2.1.1. Historical Start & Important Personalities
The first luxury hotel was built at Guangzhou in 1983 which is named “Baitiane”hotel. Over the years, it received including Queen Elizabeth ii, more than 40 heads of states and government of the country, and became the first Chinese "world-class hotel group" members in 1985. The design of the “Baitiane” hotel inherited the Chinese traditional garden and the essence of the traditional ling nan garden design, the focus of the atrium to wall mount to observe a waterfall, into holes of ling nan customs, and the overall has the function of the history and the cultural connotation into the architectural space. "Baitiane” hotel is one of milestone significance of Ling Nan architecture. It is the first hotel interior atrium design used.
2.1.2. Controversies & Challenges
There are a few challenges for
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Nowadays, travelling becomes a new trend, especially travel abroad. It can open people’s mind and obtain more experience, so, more and more people spent money on travel (Lee, K., 2002). Besides, the development of family leisure brings a new opportunity for hospitality industry in China, for example, the rising of aging market. In China, young age people spent a lot of time on their work, so they have less time to company with their parents. Thus, they prefer to sign up for a tour for them to travel with other people who are in the same age. As long as many people travel around the world, increase hotel
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