Pest Analysis of Automobile Industry

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I would like to confer my heartiest thanks to my coordinator of Business Environment and class teacher Miss Impreet Kaur for giving me the opportunity to expel and work in the field of Environmental Analysis, especially its practical applications. While preparing my project I got to have an in depth knowledge of practical applications of the theoretical concepts and definitely the things which I have learned will undoubtedly help me in future, to analyze many processes going on in our economy.
I would also like to thank all those people who directly or indirectly helped us in accomplishing this project.

Literature Review

Competitiveness of
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* Formulation of an appropriate auto fuel policy to ensure availability of adequate amount of appropriate fuel to meet emission norms * Confirms the government’s intention on harmonizing the regulatory standards with the rest of the world * Indian government auto policy aimed at promoting an integrated, phased and conductive growth of the Indian automobile industry. * Allowing automatic approval for foreign equity investment up to 100% with no minimum investment criteria. * Establish an international hub for manufacturing small, affordable passenger cars as well as tractor and two wheelers. * Ensure a balanced transition to open trade at minimal risk to the Indian economy and local industry. * Assist development of vehicle propelled by alternate energy source. * Lying emphasis on R&D activities carried out by companies in India by giving a weighted tax deduction of up to 150% for in house research and R&D activities. * Plan to have a terminal life policy for CVs along with incentives for replacement for such vehicles. * Promoting multi-model transportation and the implementation of mass

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