Pest Analysis of an Educational Institution

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Task 1 Anon (2011) Actavis Pharma: “Company Profile” [Online] available on - Accessed 11 March 2013 Anon (2008) Banif Bank: “Banif Bank (Malta) plc” [Online] available on - Accessed 11 March 2013 Anon (2011) Tipico: “The Company” [Online] available on - Accessed 11 March 2013 (2010) “Domestica penetrates overseas market at international fairs” [Online] available on - Accessed 11 March 2013 Anon…show more content…
“Exchange Rates and International Finance” (4th ed.). Prentice Hall. Bilby E(2013) Economic Situation in Greece “The Sunday Times” [Online] available on Emmott R. (2013) Times of Malta: “Low inflation, high jobless rate show euro crisis impact” [Online] available on | EUROPEAN COMMISSIONKUMMISSJONI EWROPEAREPRESENTATION IN MALTARAPPREŻENTANZA F’MALTA | MEMO/ Brussels, 16 May 2007 Benefits of the euro and the euro in the world The single currency was created in 1999 when the exchange rates of the currencies of the participating countries were irrevocably locked to the euro. The euro banknotes and coins were introduced in 2002 in 12 countries. The euro has brought economic benefits to the euro-area countries. These include greater macroeconomic stability and resilience as well as more efficient
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