Pest Control Program

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PART A – Pest Control Program

1.0 Purpose
The purpose is to control pest specifically rodents, insects and birds on site. This would assure the products have been manufactured, packed and held under proper sanitary conditions.

2.0 Scope
The pest control program applies to the entire plant (interior and exterior of the facility).

3.0 Background
The presence of rodents, insects and birds in or around a pharmaceutical manufacturing factory indicates poor sanitary condition on site and pose a health hazard to the users and personnel. A pest control standard operating procedure shall be in place to control and prevent the presence of pests and minimise possible risk of contamination to product.

4.0 Responsibilities
Position Responsibility
Quality Assurance (QA) Manager  Approve chemicals used for pest treatment.
 Approve Pest Control Standard Operating Procedure.
 Conduct management review meetings on pest control program and significant findings.
 Review pest reports and corrective actions.
 Ensure Plant Pest Control SOP is up to date.
Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Manager  Recommend chemicals used for pest treatment.
 Ensure a registered professional pest controller is engaged to manage the specific pests existing on site.
 Ensure the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the chemicals used for pest treatment are up to date.
 Ensure the Internal Pest Controller and the contractors are trained.
 Prepare vendor contract
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