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Governments have implicated the car industry in to a socio-politic-economic corner. This company is strongly linked to policies of governments by the earnings of banks. Therefore countries try to develop this industry to rise profits and in develop countries is a gigantic pressure to maintain it. Likewise Toyota is a company that dominates more than a handful of firms. “The company’s approach to dealing with political institutions has not always been brilliant. It tends to be good on technical issues, although it has not always fully presented the longer-term options, in order to make the choices and their implications clear.” Toyota had a lot of help from the local government, including tax break and facilities to operate
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But Toyota is not only in the industry of cars, as their similar Honda, they designed and built a robot specially created to take care of old people in homes for elder people. Also they created specialized robots in the production of Cars and the entertainment.

They have a specialized area on Agricola biotechnology were they invest on little business, but trying to develop new technologies and new uses for other products. This are some examples of this specialized areas:

P.T. Toyota Bio Indonesia en Lampung, Indonesia

Australian Afforestation Pty. Ltd. in Australia Occidental y Australia Meridional

Toyota Floritech Co., Ltd. en Rokkasho-Mura, Distrito de Kamikita, Prefectura de Aomori

Sichuan Toyota Nitan Development Co., Ltd. en Sichuan, China

Toyota Roof Garden Corporation en Miyoshi-Cho, Prefectura de Aichi

In other industries, Toyota has bought several tiny soccer teams in different countries, many of this clubs were not able to continue playing by the problem of Money. Many of this teams are located in Argentina, where Toyota is one of the first sellers in the industry of cars. Apart soccer, they have been in other sports, like rugby in Australia and between 2002 and 2009 they had a Formula 1 team.

They also created a specialized way of working, called “Toyotismo” and is the relationship between the environment of where are they working, and workers. This was created in the 70´s during the petroleum crysis in US, and moved the

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