Pestel Analysis Clothing Company

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Political Factors
• Taxes – business taxes and any other taxes that Velocity clothing must pay are mandatory and must be paid, affecting the amount of outgoings they have, variation in this may cause more or less outgoings but any changes could be quite significant.
• Wars & Conflict – Velocity Clothing use materials imported from various countries. The production of some of these materials may be in areas of instability or conflict. Such activities could affect the accessibility of these materials and the reliability of the suppliers, which in turn could affect the price of the good.
• Trading Policies – any new trading policies formed between countries could make it easier or harder for countries to trade with each other, which could be
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For example is an old aged pensioner more likely to buy a brand new latest fashion luxury garment that is extremely popular with the younger generations? Or a specific sex? Who do their products appeal to more? Businessmen and women who are highly educated and are able to more easily afford the products? This is largely to do with marketing and the target audience of the product. Where Velocity Clothing products are being sold also needs to be considered alongside this information. Are the shops located in an area of high or low levels of education? What is the level of wealth like in the area? This information needs to be considered when selling the products and considering the target audience.
• Cultural Influences – What is the culture of the area the customer lives in? Is a new luxury garment going to be even noticed in the culture they live in? Will the culture they live in mean new fashionable luxury garments as Velocity Clothing have to offer going to be a very big thing? Having access to this information is important and will be vital to the success rate of any product of theirs.
• Trends – What is the latest trend amongst the target audience? Keeping up to date and providing clothing that is fashionable and attractive to the desired target audience is extremely important. Any change in trends needs to be noticed so Velocity Clothing can cater for the consumer’s new needs and desires.
• Fashion and Role Models – What consumers buy is largely influenced by

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