Pestel Analysis Of BSNL

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PESTLE analysis that helps to identify the competency of a company under following heads, i.e. Political, economical, social, and technological and legal.
PESTLE analysis of any company is done to check the capability of the organizations under headings – Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Legal.

Political:-These factors include all legal and the government matters that could influence the decision making of any organization. BSNL is also not escaped from these factors, some of these are:
• Rules & Regulations imposed by the government
• Limitations over the decisions for development in infrastructure
• Interference of government in decision making
• Safety hazardous issues raised by NGOs.
• Political pressure of local leaders
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What is required is to identify the potential opportunities and threats implied by this changing environment for the BSNL. In changing trends, situations, and events gaining an accurate understanding of BSNL’s strengths and limitations will help in better strategic management of organization.

SWOT Analysis of BSNL
• Pan-India presence and outstanding network coverage all over India.
• Fully integrated IP-based infrastructure that contributes to application, service and network convergence
• Huge pool of technical resources.
• A healthy financial balance sheet to invest in assets for long term growth.
• Huge rural and urban consumer base.
• Strong distribution capabilities.
• Huge optical fiber network and the bandwidth.
• Oldest telecom service provider that offers all kind of telecom services such as landline, mobile, broadband and enterprise services.
• Network Alliances with Ericsson and Cisco Systems, IT alliances with HP Compaq, and interconnecting alliances.

• Poor quality of service that suffers from high call dropping rates leading to decline in brand

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