Pestel Analysis for Spain

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pestel analysis for spain

Key Facts

Country and capital :

Full name Kingdom of Spain Capital city Madrid

Government :

Government type Parliamentary monarchy Head of state King Juan Carlos I Head of government Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

Population : 40.5 million

Currency : Euro

GDP per capita (PPP) : $33,700

Demographic details :

Ethnic composition Mediterranean and Nordics Major religions Roman Catholic (94%) and Others (6%) Country area 499,542 sq km

Language : Castilian Spanish (official), Catalan,
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Spain – key political events since 1935


Spain has been successful in overcoming its dictatorial past and now has well established democratic principles in place. The country's EU membership has bound the government to reform its economic and social policies. The country assumed the EU presidency in January 2010 and got off to an inauspicious start. In early January 2010, Prime Minister Zapatero launched a proposal that the EU should consider imposing "corrective measures" on countries that fail to meet commonly agreed economic objectives. This met with a dismissive response from a number of EU member countries and widespread skepticism from international media, which have questioned whether it is appropriate that Zapatero should be leading plans for an economic recovery program for Europe, given the poor state of the Spanish economy.

Economical Analysis

Spain’s economy, which was underdeveloped until the 1980s, began a period of growth when the country became a member of the EU in 1986. Subsequently, the government initiated a number of economic reform programs and initiated fiscal discipline measures to meet the objectives set under the Maastricht Treaty. Spain’s economy has shown steady progress since the 1990s, driven primarily by mass tourism and European subsidies. In fact, since the mid-1990s Spain outperformed the rest of the Eurozone, particularly the larger countries. Economic growth between 1997 and 2000 was above 4%, but

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