Pestel Analysis of Tk Max

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Executive Summary Some of the companies have best policies to attract the customers even in economic crisis. But are they really success in doing so. Cutting the prices may be the solutions for a middle class customer to buy goods. This study is going to explain briefly about a retail market that always promises to its customers of giving 60% discount in price. That is T. K. Maxx. Most of the data to complete this study is based on data collected from the official website of T.K. Maxx itself and other website and statistical data. To critically analyze the companies trends, various techniques has been used. For this study 3 techniques PESTEL analysis, Porters Five Force Model and Industry Life…show more content…
In the current time the political environment is not so bad to affect cloth retailer directly. Most of the time taxation policies affect the retailer industries. T.K. Maxx is one of very old retailer company so it has big experience to face some changes in political laws and regulations. But the future can be predicted because the relationship between two countries can become the cause to change the laws. And due to this changes company may have problems with the vendors and their supplier. Any changes that come in other countries where the vendors of T.K. Maxx exist can affect directly the performance of this off-price retailer.
Economical Factors The overall economical situations of a country have a direct effect on an industry. And this is the time when UK is facing the economical recession and that can affect the company’s performance and growth. Other issues that are considered in economical factors are the capacity of consumers spending, level of government spending, currency exchange rates. The retailer who is in off-price industry, faces the big problem of frequently changes in currency exchange rates. The overall business of the T.K. Maxx depends on its vendors who are located in so many countries. Company has to keep

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