Pestel Analysis on Water Industry

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Assets in accounting
In the financial accounting sense of the term, it is not necessary to be able to legally enforce the asset's benefit for qualifying a resource as being an asset, provided the entity can control its use by other means.
The accounting equation relates assets, liabilities, and owner's equity:
Assets = Liabilities + Stockholder's Equity (Owner's Equity)
Assets = liabilities + Capital liabilities = Assets - Capital
Capital = Assets - liabilities
That is, the total value of a firms Assets are always equal to the combined value of its "equity" and "liabilities."
The accounting equation is the mathematical structure of the balance sheet.
Assets are listed on the balance sheet. In a company's balance sheet certain divisions are
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They include patents, copyrights, franchises, goodwill, trademarks, trade names, etc. These assets are (according to US GAAP) amortized to expense over 5 to 40 years with the exception of goodwill.
Websites are treated differently in different countries and may fall under either tangible or intangible assets.
[edit]Tangible assets
Tangible assets are those that have a physical substance, such as currencies, buildings, real estate, vehicles, inventories, equipment, and precious metals
[edit]Comparison : current assets , liquid assets and absolute liquid assets Current assets | Liquid assets | Absolute liquid assets | Stocks | | | Prepaid expenses | | | Debtors | Debtors | | Bills receivable | Bills receivable | | Cash in hand | Cash in hand | Cash in hand | Cash at bank | Cash at bank | Cash at bank | Accrued incomes | Accrued incomes | Accrued incomes | Loans and advances (short term) | Loans and advances (short term) | Loans and advances (short term) | Trade investments (short term) | Trade investments (short term) | Trade investments (short term) |

The assets are purchased to increase the value of a business firm or welfare the firm's functioning's. You will be able to think of an asset as something that can render cash flow (run), no matter of whether it is a company's constructing equipment or a person lease flat.

Types of Assets
Some item of efficient value possessed by a corporation or person, particularly that which could be exchanged to cash

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