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PESTEL analysis
Motivation of method
It is of great importance to make an analysis of the environment in which an organisation operates in order to develop and implement a suitable, successful strategy for the company. According to Johnson, Scholes and Whittington (2008) the business environment of a company is an important issue determining its survival and success. There are several layers of this business environment – the macro environment, the industry or sector layer, the layer with competitors and markets.
A focus has been given on macro level, the highest level – layer, especially on one of its factors: the PESTEL analysis. Johnson, Scholes and Whittington (2008) state that the PESTEL framework is of crucial importance to
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England will gain a lot of (international) attention and the amount of tourist will increase. The East of England Development Agency conducted a research and has forecasted a gross profit revenue that could exceed £600 million to the English economy. (Eeda, 2006)

Further more, the Eden Project is positioned in Cornwall, South West England. Cornwall is one of the poorest areas in England with the lowest per capital contribution to the national economy. (Conrwall) The operating of the Eden Project will be influenced by this fact because the people from Cornwall will both, not visit the Eden Project, or spend less money at the Eden Project. Related to this influence is also the high entrance fee of Eden compared to other visitors’ attractions. (Thisisdeveon, 2010) While the population of this area has already less money to spend, high entrance fee will not contribute to attract more visitors and stay profitable and sustainable in the long term.
Another economical factor which is able to influence the operational activities of the Eden Project is the unemployment rates in England. The unemployment rates in England are increasing. A survey conducted by Recruitment and Employment Confederation suggest a continued weakening in the UK jobs market. (, 2010)
As shown in the graph on the next page, the unemployment rate currently stands at
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