Pestel analysis of Thailand Essay

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PESTLE ANALYSIS OF THAILAND PESTLE ANALYSIS OF THAILAND PESTLE ANALYSIS OF THAILAND INDEX Sr. No. Title Page No. 1 Introduction 1 2 National Flag and Symbol 2 3 Political Analysis 4 4 Economical Analysis 6 5 Socio-Cultural Analysis 10 6 Technological Analysis 15 7 Environmental Analysis 17 8 Legal Analysis 21 9 Bibliography 24 PESTLE ANALYSIS OF THAILAND INTRODUCTION Country Thailand Capital Bangkok Entire land boundary 5,326 kilometers Maritime boundary on 1,878 km the Gulf On the Andaman Sea Neighboring countries 937 km The Union of Myanmar The Lao People’s Democratic Republic The Kingdom of…show more content…
The sala used as the national symbol is a simple wooden Thai pavilion framed by a circle. The structure is distinctive with its gabled roof and the hornlike finials with graceful lines, standing proudly against the blue background, signifying the brightness of Thailand, a tropical country, and situated on a green ground, representing the fertility of the country, a prosperous agricultural land. PESTLE ANALYSIS OF THAILAND POLITICAL AND LEGAL ANALYSIS Thailand has adopted a parliamentary, democratic form of government, with the King as Head of State under the Constitution, exercising the sovereign power in the administration, as Thailand is a sovereign state free to conduct her internal and external affairs without pressure, control, or intervention from other countries. The sovereign power comprises three branches: 1. Legislative power, or the legislature, the institution empowered to pass laws, namely the National Assembly, in the form of a bicameral assembly, made up of a House of Representatives and a Senate. All members of the former are publicly elected, while in the latter, out of 150 senators, one senator is elected from each province, making 76, and the rest are appointed; 2. Administrative power, or the administration, the institution that administers public policy and enforces the laws, which is the administration or the government,
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