Pesticides: What Will We Do Without Them?

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The first state to have a pesticide-related law is California that was passed in 1901. During 1910, the federal pesticide law was created, however the enactment of the law did not occur until decades later. The Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), 1947 pesticide control law was passed in accords protecting consumers from misleading labeling and defective products. Pesticides are poisonous, made to kill, but does a good service. Insecticides another poison eradicated typhoid and malaria and both the herbicides and insecticides are acknowledge for America’s bountiful production in agricultural. Knowing the potential effects and what is killed by the chemicals caused the historians Cristopher J. Bosso to proclaim FIFRA “one of the granddaddies of federal regulation” After World War II, the Pure Food and Drug Act passed in 1906, establishing regulation on contaminated food, 1910 the establishment of FIFRA, but regulation on the use of pesticides and did not apply to the so called “Pandora’s box of chemicals” being used after World War II. Unethical manufactures were selling and recommending chemical products that were unsafe and very little knowledge or none at all to unsuspected farmers and other consumers. Alliance between the manufactures (apprehensive that under new establish law other companies would be able to compete), farmers, the USDA and the public watching, came to agreement while working with Congress on a bill requiring manufacturers to register their
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