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1. Introduction to the assignment and summary of the selected business. This assignment is about the factors that influences the business environment in different ways. This is about environmental analysis which is dynamic process that comprises scanning, monitoring, disseminating and forecasting. There are different factors which influences the business in 21st century. Somehow these factors have impact on the business in favour of the business and sometimes have an adverse impact in the business.
I am taking TESCO plc as a business. I will look the factors which influences the TESCO plc in different ways. TESCO is a grown company and has working in more than 14 countries with over 500,000 employees. This company is
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Dec 2012). So it is feasible for TESCO to operate their business in Singapore.
Social analysis:
One other factor is social factor. It is about the people living there. What is the thinking of the people? In Singapore there is diversification of people and diversified culture and religion which makes it probably open minded country to new influences. So it will be easy for TESCO to invest in this country for the expansion and growth of their business with proper planning and marketing.
If we consider the other factors about the living standards, Singapore has the population of approximately 5 million. Salaries are high to meet the daily basis expenses. On the other hand people are educated more than 80% adults are highly professional degree holders. So TESCO has this advantage in hiring the people. The most the educated people in the company the more influence on the growth of the company.
Technological analysis:
According to an analysis, Singapore is the most successful in the race of innovation and advancement (Qureshi S. 2010). This is the advantage to TESCO to exploit self-checking out and electronic shelf labelling in its merchandising in Singapore. Singapore has more than 4 million users of internet. So it will be easy for TESCO to exploits information on internet so people can be aware of vacancies available and all the information about TESCO.
Legal analysis:
These factors involves and have effect of both, externally and
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