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The Rolla-bottle is newly modernised type of reusable water bottle founded by Katy and Elizabeth Reed.
Manufactured from premium silicon the Rollabottle is expected to have a longer life-time as well as reducing plastic waste and reduce CO2 emission compared to your average water bottle, therefore leading into a more environmentally friendly future. Rolla Bottle have done their roll into repairing the environment by contributing to the Jelly Fish 10 with 10% of all their profits, which help clean beaches and different campaigns that work on removing plastic pollution. The launch of Rollabottle was created to assist in reducing or completely replacing the heavy consumption of plastic water bottles. In this report we will be implementing
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With such a large scope of market share available this gives the opportunity for small up-starter business like Rollabottle to enter the market. As the industry barriers are low Rollabottle can not only enter the market undoubtedly but also gain large amounts of market share by tapping into un-used market.

As Rolla bottle is such a unique product that is aimed to more of a fast-paced, camping, outdoor activities and environmentally friendly type of consumer, Rolla bottle can use these lifestyle traits to appeal to a different market by adopting the blue ocean strategy.
These are the business ventures we have mapped out for Rollabottle both Commercial and Institutional avenues. Summary:
With Rollabottle having used the commercial path and merging with retailers such as Coles, this would be a great opportunity for Rollabottle to gain large amounts of exposure. As it would be very accessible to the general public as it is unique product it would be a great opening for Rollabottle to venture with even other retailers (Marketing 91,2017). In this Analysis we establish multiple key features on steps that are involved in the buying behaviour grid. We have also established the different types of mangers involved in the decision making unit and the influences they have towards it.
For this analysis Rollabottle have implemented into a different path and has ventured with the Institutional

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