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Report: The environmental factors within the PESTLE analysis which are having an impact on Charles Stanley October 2008 1.0 - Introduction to the PESTLE analysis……………………………….........................3 2.0 – Introduction - Charles Stanley 2.1 - Pestle Analysis of Charles Stanley Stockbrokers 3.0 – Detailed Focus - Two Key Factors 3.1 – Impact factors on HR strategy and practise 3.2 – Recommendations 3.3 – Conclusions 4.0 – Conclusion Appendix References Bibliography Concept Completing a PESTLE analysis in order to see the ‘bigger picture’, can be a simple or a rather complex task, depending on how much detail is gathered and also how many people are involved as people see things differently. The six elements form detailed…show more content…
The growing concern around obesity and lack of physical activity has pushed Charles Stanley to offer health club membership. Also the attitudes to work and leisure bring focus to the work hard, play hard culture and for leisure. Charles Stanley have a Ride to Work scheme in place. Having such schemes in place may incur additional costs but there are long term benefits which include higher productivity, raised morale, motivation, engagement and achieving strategic objectives. The work life balance is also an important issue as many find that work demands get in the way of other commitments so ‘being aware of different demands on time and energy’ has become increasingly difficult to manage within the HR function at Charles Stanley. (David Clutterbuck) It has become increasingly important to have family friendly policies and flexible work patterns to help employees with other commitments such as community commitments or studying. Family friendly benefits like childcare vouchers are also offered at Charles Stanley but not taken up by many because they are not publicised enough. Other challenges recently raised within the HR dept is the lack of female labour in financial services and the ageing workforce which increases pensions costs. Technological As UK Internet usage becomes more widespread, this has encouraged Charles Stanley to support the introduction of a new Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and an

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