Pestle Analysis - Waitrose Essay

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PESTLE Analysis - Waitrose Political Factors If we want to analyse the political factors which impact upon the company we need to make a general view of the situation in the country. What are its law and requirements? Waitrose is a company which employees a lot of people and they are affected of the Employment Law. They are not paying less than the minimum wage and all of their workers are with immaculate labour contracts. There is a range of shift patterns which are in accordance with the Working Time Regulations for the people how want to work there. Overtime work is paid as well. Waitrose`s workers are with fully employment rights. They are working in safety and healthy environment. All of the stores are fire safety and secure as…show more content…
That includes a lot of social campaigns. For example Waitrose is one of the companies with the highest number of people who are their fans in Facebook. The supermarket launched new social media campaign including its first ever Facebook app. This happened around Christmas and it gave the chance to all their online friends `to claim prizes ranging from mince pies to a year's worth of Waitrose shopping for one lucky winner`. accessed 20/03/2011 But the social factor is affecting on the supermarket and because of its customers. People who shop in Waitrose are people middle age or older. It is fact that the population in UK is ageing and `this trend is projected to continue`. The increase in the number of old people is increase in the number of the Waitrose`s customers. accessed 21/03/2011 British people take a positive attitude towards the new products and new tastes. Waitrose has a wide range of articles, selling a lot of products typical and produced in other countries. accessed 20/03/2011 Economic Factors Because of the financial crisis business is put to test. All of the organisations who want to

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