Pestle Analysis of Canon Company

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INTRIDUCTON TO BUSINESS Business Activity – buying and selling of goods and services Two types of factor are involve they are buyers and sellers The profit is anticipated Standard of living The amount of goods or services purchased by an individual Quantity of life: - General well being of a society in terms of freedom, clean environment, health care safety free time that leads to satisfaction. Organization Profit organization Non – profit organization Non – profit organization- organization whose goods do not include making profit for each owner. These organizations do not strive for making profit in case if these organizations profit again is invested welfare of the society. Profit: - π = TR-TC (total revenue- total cost)…show more content…
Under this competition individual sets the price. Through this tactics such as advertising, branding and packaging sellers try to convince buyers that their products are different of competition. The fast food industry is an example of monopolistic competition. Oligopoly market: - a form of competition where the market is dominated by a just a few sellers. Generally oligopoly exists in industries that produces such as breakfast, cereal, bear, automobile, soft drinks, aluminium and aircraft. One reason some industry remain in the hands of a few seller is that the investment to enter an oligopolistic industry is usually tremendous. Key economic indicator Gross domestic product (GDP) The unemployment rate The price index GDP: - the totle value of goods and services produced in a country in a given year is called GDP. Unemployment rate: - it refers to the number of civilizens who are unemployed and tried to find a job within the prior of four weeks. Types of unemployment Frictional unemployment Structural unemployment Cyclical unemployment Seasonal unemployment Frictional unemployment: - it refers to those people who have quit job because of they did not like the job. Structural unemployment: - it refers to the unemployment caused by the restructuring of firms
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