Pestle Analysis of Hilton Hotel

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Hilton Hotels PESTEL Analysis PESTEL abbreviation is interpreted as political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors impacting businesses, and PESTEL is an important framework for assessing external factor impacting business practices. POLITICAL FACTORS Political stability is the key to the success of any industries and it is applicable to hotel industry as well and it needs to cope with political situations everywhere in the world. The political approaches can influence the number visitors, both, tourists and business travellers’ visits to a nation. It may a concern for many people those who are visiting Northern Ireland because of the ongoing very delicate political situation. Moreover, Hilton’s…show more content…
Technological Factors An overall development of technological infrastructure related to catering industry might have great impact on Hilton performance. Matters associated with the use of energy and their costs and the potential for innovation within the industry can be classified as important technological factors. Furthermore, hotel bookings have become very sophisticated than ever before. Anyone can book a hotel room in a simple step with the help of internet. Increasing number of social media such as Facebook, tweeter and websites like trip advisor help both the customers and the hotels. Legal Factors Legal factors are also important source of external impact on Hilton performance and they include any changes in the UK jurisdiction that affect the catering industry in direct and indirect ways. Additionally, there are many visa restriction rules are there in many countries such as the USA, the EU countries, Australia etc. for the international visitors and these countries are plays important role in the travel and tourism industry. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS The hospitality and catering industry often becomes a point of criticism for polluting the environment particularly in most of tourist attractions such as historical places, beaches, forest areas, hills etc. A range of activities related to tourism not only creates pollution, but also disturbs
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