Pestle Is Used For Track The Environment

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PESTLE is analysis is used to track the environment they are operating in or planning to launch. PESTLE stands for political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental. The political factors are how much the government are involved in the economy. This can be government policy or political stability/instability and many more. Other political factors are minimum wage and living wage increasing. When this is increasing Rimmel have to pay all of their staff more money to match the minimum wage. By removing benefits people who usually get them will find it hard to buy certain things if they are in a single family as they will only have one income.

Some economic factors are interest rates, exchange rates and inflation. At the moment the economy is in a good position and customers can have better spending power. This is because the interest rates are low and inflation is also low which means the economy is growing. Economic growth has increased which means that many more people have jobs and therefore earn more money to buy products. This is good for Rimmel as they then get more people buying their products which can lead to more profit for the company. Interest rates are also low therefore customers are now not spending as much on mortgages and loans which means they have more spending power. Inflation is another factor which is low but has been increasing. This means that it costs more money for companies to produce products and the
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