Pet Being Stubborn Research Paper

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Pets Being Stubborn
Eathon Strafford

One day I was coming home from the worst day of school, and this week it was my turn to let the dogs out of the cage and be attacked by the monster giant puppy. Just kidding, they are really small. So I walked into the house and set my stuff down. I went upstairs to unlock the cage. I waited for our puppy, Beau, to come out, but I never saw him. I looked around the room for him to see if he had somehow gotten out. Then I started saying,” BEAU, BEAU!!! Where are you?!!!,” to see if he would come out from his little hiding spot, but he never did. He wasn’t out in the room, so I looked under the blankets we had put in there. Then I found out that he had fallen asleep under the blanket. I woke him
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