Pet Foods: The Best And Worst Pet Food

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The pet foods given to the companions of many are not always the best option for the animal. Animal foods contain many ingredients that are not healthy. The diet of the pet is a very complex system and the foods that are given need to help the animal. The public needs to know what ingredients to look out for that is in pet foods so they can choose the best option for their animal. Also the public need to know what foods are bad for animals. Dr. Karen Becker. "The Best and Worst Pet Foods: 13 Pet Foods Ranked." N.p., 21 July 2010. Web. 21 Nov. 2016.
In the article there is a list of best to worst pet foods that are on the market. The article also gives ways to help in choosing the right animal food. Pet food can either help or hurt animals depending on what is in the food. Also some foods are species appropriate and should not be given but to that appropriate species. The public needs to as well make sure their
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It includes the sectors of food and the structures of the animal food system. The pet food system is a very complex structure. The available animal foods are based on a variety of animal and plant based products. Though there is a large disconnect between the protein requirements of dogs and cats and the crude protein concentration present in most pet foods. The article also includes what goes into animal’s food and how most pet foods consist of by-products.
The article is consisting mainly of the sustainability of pet foods. It is good source because it also includes the pet food structure and what goes into animal food. This article is biased as it focuses only on the professional side of the sustainability of pet foods. It does not focus much on what ingredients really go into pet food and slightly mentions how by-products are in many animal foods. Though it is biased it is still a good source to use because there are facts about the structure of the pet food

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