Pet Friendly By Sue Pethick

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Animal companionship is available through many choices and may include such examples as furry, four legged creatures or those that may slither and frighten even the most ardent animal lover. Still, the mutual bond that forms between owner and guardian transcends the daily duties associated with pet ownership. These emotional relationships are corroborated through personal stories and often presented in heartwarming movies and novels. Pet Friendly by Sue Pethick utilizes an encouraging theme to embody one example, which exemplifies how pet ownership, including the rewarding aspect of adoption, has a magnitude of positive benefits on the physical, emotional, and social well-being of the human companion.
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Unfortunately, some individuals may have reservations about animal adoption because of preconceived notions of low success rates. Mindful of these concerns, Pet Smart Charities sought information regarding the success rates of animal adoptions. In three surveys performed over a one year period with respondents who adopted dogs and cats from either a PetSmart location, Adopt-a-Thon event, or shelter, Neidhart and Boyd concluded there was an overwhelming positive response to animal adoption (175). Ninety percent reported being very satisfied with the animal chosen, while only two percent responded very dissatisfied. Additionally, eighty eight percent reported being very satisfied with the adoption experience, and ninety eight percent would recommend their adoption location to others (176). While adoption is just the beginning of the subsequent years of happiness and companionship for the pet and the caretaker, numerous other benefits accompany this camaraderie.
Individuals who share their lives with animals reap numerous physical benefits, which leads to an improvement of overall health. One of the most widely known physical rewards is simply achieved by exercising with a dog, which mutually benefits both parties and involves merely taking the recommended thirty minute daily walk (Benjamin 1). Additionally, the reduction in heart disease, which is a more
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