Pet Overpopulation Is A Serious Problem

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Did you know about 25 million puppies and kittens are born into the United States each year? That’s more than 50,000 born each day in this country alone. Twenty five million pets produce yearly greatly exceeds the amount of willing families to take care of these animals that are born into the world. Even though, these massive amount of litters may in fact be completely healthy there is just not a sufficient enough of homes for this animals to be place in. statically reported by the humane society of the united states in October 2011 6 to 8 million animals who have no place to call their home are put into animal shelters. Unfortunately, due to the excessive surplus of these animals about half which is 3 to 4 million only make it out alive. The other half left to be euthanize by the shelter to make room for the new incoming animals. This turns out to be one animal euthanize every 8 sec. Pet overpopulation has been a serious problem throughout the nation for many years. The on ongoing cycle of bring unwanted litters of pets into the world makes it extremely difficult to reduce the amount of animals being euthanize across the nation each and every day. It’s important for people to understand the need to spay and neuter their family’s pets and all pets in general, all though people don’t understand that need its extremely important to take into account that these thousands of wanted any unneeded animals being born into the world each day will statically end up homeless, place in

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