Pet Owners For A Kennel License

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In the United States, over 7.6 million animals are entered into animal shelters each year. Of those, almost 2.7 million are euthanized and only 649,000 are adopted. Why are there so many pets being euthanized when there are people are willing to adopt and care for many of them? In the Karns area alone, there are approximately two homes per square mile that would happily accept more pets than they have, but the law indicates that one cannot have more than five dogs and or cats per acre of land. This prevents even responsible pet owners from adopting an animal in need. The only current way to own more than that amount is to apply for a kennel license, but a kennel license is a type of business license, meaning an average person cannot hope to gain it. Also, the conditions for a kennel license are very strict. What the U.S. needs is a way for someone to apply for an animal owner’s license that allows one to own more than the set amount of domestic pets. There should also be some changes in the law itself. Starting with the changes, cats should not be included in the law with dogs. A cat’s behavior is drastically different than a dog’s. First, dogs need exercise while cats need much less. Dogs need room to roam and run while cats can sleep in the same spot for hours. In general, cats will not even leave a certain room unless you make them. cats need less exercise and less room than dogs:therefore, cats should have a separate limit than dogs. The limit for both should be five,
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