Pet Peeves and Ethics

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Pet Peeves and Ethics A pet peeve that I have that bothers me immensely is when people make unnecessary noise or allow unnecessary noise to persist in a public place. For example, if I'm on public transportation and someone is allowing music from radio to be heard to the rest of the train, I find that to be one of the most self-absorbed and rudest forms of behavior possible. In public places one of the fundamental guideposts of human behavior is to not engage in any behavior that makes people uncomfortable or ill at ease. Case in point, if someone were to bring a realistic looking toy gun out to a café and just keep it placed in full view on top of the table one was sitting at, such a move would make a range if people feel very uncomfortable. One wouldn't even need to take the gun and wave it around or to overtly threaten people. Simply the presence of a realistic looking gun is enough to make others uncomfortable. Engaging in behavior that puts other people in an uncomfortable or annoyed position is a violation of the social contract. The majority of people are respectful of others and don't partake in such behavior. Those that do are generally the ones who willingly violate this social code. Cialdini points this out in his six principles of influence. He demonstrates how the principle of social proof depends largely on ""¦on people's sense of "safety in numbers.'For example, we're more likely to work late if others in our team are doing the same, put a tip in a jar
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