Pet Rock Research Paper

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Unit 1 Seminar; Option 2
Many people have “pet rocks,” however a rock is not alive. It is easy to care for, since it does nothing, requires no food, attention, or really anything. The pet rock was marketed as a sense of humor in a box in 1975. “No messes, no allergies, just pure simple solidarity.” A rock in a box, on a bed of hay (Good, 2015). A chia pet is similar to a pet rock, since it requires little attention, but it is a plant, a living organism.
Living organisms display specific characteristics. They respond to external stimuli, use energy, reproduce, and contain materials that are only found in living organisms. They sense, adapt, and alter their environment. Living organisms have a high degree of organization and maintain a constant internal environment (Ireland, 2012). These characteristics displayed by a chia pet, however are not displayed by an inanimate object, such as a rock.
One of the ways that plants demonstrate the characteristics of living organisms is tropism. Tropism is defined as movement or growth response of an
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It may be affected by the surrounding environment such as how water and wind cause erosion, but it cannot respond or adapt to it. A rock cannot alter their environment, reproduce, or grow. Rocks do not have an organized cellular structure that allows it to perform any tasks, instead it is a rock. It is not alive. A Chia Pet is a plant, it is alive.

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