Pet Wearables And Connected Device Technology

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Abstract Every year circuit boards and sensors become smaller and more affordable for entrepreneurs around the world to freely innovate new technologies. Although many of these new technologies are designed to directly interact with humans, some people are adapting this technology to address the needs of working canines. These new devices are then being modified to meet the needs of the regular pet dog owner. New devices for pet dogs cover everything from identification, tracking, vital sign monitoring, video cameras and environmental temperature fluctuations to algorithms that translate tail wags and eventually even brain waves into emotions that can be relayed to the owner. Our own smartphones allow most of these innovations to connect owners with their dogs’ wearables by the use of applications. As technology continues to advance, we will continue to see it being used to help connect owners with their pet dogs. These technologies help owners to have peace of mind and veterinarians have access to health and activity data that would otherwise not be observable at routine examinations. Technology and Your Dog:
Pet Wearables and Connected Device Technology
The purpose of this research is to provide awareness for upcoming technologies as they pertain to dogs. The use of computers, smartphones and applications are a part of everyday lives in first world countries. As technology becomes smaller and more affordable, some gadgets that were originally
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