Peta Is An Organization That Fight For Animal Rights

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How many of us love to wear leather products such as shoes, belt or jacket? Usually, leather products are luxurious as it has high quality and specially design from a factory. It is made from animal’s skin such as cows, crocodile, and pigs. However, for each leather products we buy, an animal is sacrifice for their skin. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) advertisement, ‘If the world ruled by Animals’ demonstrate this issue by portraying an imaginary world where animals use human’s skin for fashion. In the advertisement, they use pathos, a strong emotional appeals and logos, a logical appeal to make us reconsider the actions of taking animal’s skin for leather products or fashion and to put ourselves in the animal’s shoes.
PETA is an organization that fight for animal rights in the world, with more than 5 million members and supporters ,(Our mission statement). PETA objective is to let people all around the world know about animal abuses in every sectors such as food, research and also fashions industry. PETA had launch various campaign for the animals right by attending schools, collect donations and advertising. While fighting for the animals right, most of the PETA advertisement is controversial because of use of women as the subject and graphic images. According to their web,, PETA explains that “we try to make our actions colorful and controversial, thereby grabbing headlines around the world and spreading the message of kindness to
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