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Carla McCallum Assignment 1- Roles and Responsibilities The key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practise in my own role and responsibilities are: • Health and safety at work act 1974 This act was put in place so that their was an order of practise when working and an order in which things should be done to protect everyone within each workplace or in general a place. • Equality Act 2010 The equality act was put in place so that the following characteristics are protected. So in my area for example it protects boys getting treated better than girls as we have to treat everybody the same regardless of the following. age disability gender reassignment marriage and civil partnership pregnancy…show more content…
Race : Which includes ethnic, national origins, colour and nationality. Sex: Whether my Students are male or female. Sexual Orientation: Gay, lesbian or bisexual. Disability: Able bodied, All lims etc Religion or Beliefs: Christianity or other religion. Gender reassignment: Support a student if they had to make a life hanging decision. The Equality act gives increased protection for everybody against discrimination. Ofstead look for diversities to be acknowledged in the classroom being they need to be actively celebrated. As a teacher I would do this by providing for different types of learners in my lesson plan and making sure that everything in my classroom and working area are accessible to every student but without making it into a big deal. As a teacher, and head of all my learners, I need to make sure i use correct language and make sure that I don 't stereotype. I also need to make sure I have a plan in place so that if any of my students have any inappropriate conversations or remarks it is dealt with. My role and responsibilities are essential for having a succesfull teaching practice. I need to impart my knowledge and make sure i follow the requirements of the examining bodies. My role and responsibilities will always be changing and developing. Making sure I am aware of different learning styles, such as kinesthetic, auditory, visual stages, different delivery
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