Pete Rose Baseball Scandal Essay

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Throughout the history of America’s pastime, baseball has continually battled scandals and controversies. From the 1919 “Black Sox” scandal to the current steroid debate, baseball has lived in a century of turmoil. While many of these scandals affected multiple players and brought shame to teams, none have affected a single player more than the 1980’s Pete Rose betting scandal. Aside from the public humiliation he brought his family and the Cincinnati Reds, nothing has done more to hurt Pete Rose than his lifetime ban from baseball making him ineligible for hall of fame. While many are for and against putting Pete Rose in the hall of fame, the four ethical theories, Kantianism, Utilitarianism, Egoism, and Ethical Realism, each have their …show more content…
After retiring entirely from baseball both as a manager and as a player, Pete Rose was believed to have placed bets on multiple baseball games including his Cincinnati Reds. After investigations by Major League Baseball and the lawyer John M. Dowd, they were able to discover that Rose had bet on multiple Reds games, but were unable to discover whether Rose had ever bet against the Reds, like the Black Sox scandal. With the Commissioner of baseball, Bart Giamatti, pushing the case to the federal level, Rose and Giamatti came to an agreement which included Rose’s lifetime ban from baseball. During his lifetime ban, Rose came clean stating that he did bet on the Reds in his autobiography in 2004. Currently, Pete Rose continues to serve his lifetime ban, hoping to one day manage another team and enter the hall of fame. Knowing that Pete Rose continues his ban from baseball, we can begin by looking at the ethical theories which agree with keeping Rose out of the hall of fame. Egoism, the idea of acting in manner which is best for me, is a theory which does not lead Rose to the hall of fame. With Egoism we have to look at what is best for the party in charge and which decision will lead to the best outcome. With the Pete Rose case we have two parties whose ethical decisions can be evaluated, MLB and Pete Rose. Clearly Pete Rose can be ignored in the egoistic analysis, since the decision to place him in the hall of fame
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