Pete Rose Psychology Personality

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Pete Rose was born on April 14, 1941 and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio with his parents Harry and LaVerne Rose. His father Harry could be described as hard-working, tough, and hard-nosed, especially when it came to sports. Harry played semi-pro football and always pushed Pete to give 110% at all times. This attitude and effort that Pete was exposed to growing up with a man like Harry stuck with Pete his entire life and as a result he earned the nickname “Charlie Hustle”, although it was not originally meant to be a compliment. In spring training of Pete’s rookie year, he got walked by Yankee legend Whitey Ford. Instead of jogging to first base like everybody else in baseball, Rose sprinted to first
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This need for superiority was not only prevalent in his playing days but also as he transitioned out of his playing days. In 1986, Rose was player-manager of the Reds and the last player-manager in professional baseball, a feat that is unlikely to occur again. Pete Rose will always be most remembered for betting on baseball while playing/managing the Reds. Rose denied these allegations for 14 years, even in the face of substantial evidence including an independent investigative report by Jon Dowd (better known as the Dowd Report). The defense mechanism most often used by Rose during this time period was flat-out denial. While denying the accusations, Rose likely received negative reinforcement due to the escape of the emotions involved in admitting such a terrible act in the eyes of baseball. A potentially big initial factor behind this is that shortly after the Dowd Report; Rose voluntarily placed himself on baseball’s ineligible list in August 1989 with the agreement from then-commissioner Bart Giamatti that after a one-year banishment from baseball, Rose could apply for reinstatement. Tragedy struck when Giamatti unexpectedly died from a heart attack before Rose’s year-long banishment had concluded. Fay Vincent took over as commissioner after Giamatti’s death and was unwilling to reinstate Rose, as many would have seen the move as disrespectful to
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