Pete Shimer Interview

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Unfortunately, I could not meet with Pete Shimer in person due to scheduling conflicts; however, he did take time out of his busy schedule to take my phone call. Pete Shimer is the CFO of Deloitte, the world’s largest consulting firm. He is responsible for the development of the U.S. firms’ financial strategy, including financial reporting, finance transformation, long-term planning, capital management, budgeting, analysis, accounting, internal controls, and taxes. In addition, he sits on the Deloitte Operating Committee and continues to serve as the Lead Client Service Partner and Advisory Partner to several Fortune 500 consumer products and retail clients. He has spent his entire career with Deloitte—starting as an auditor, and rising through the ranks to take on a number of leadership roles.

A typical day for Shimer is never a constant. He explained that he always has a series of different activities that are
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He explained that everyone has to start at the bottom, especially in accounting. He explained that the only difference between those at the top and those at the bottom of the pyramid is age and number of reps. Usually, our younger people are more talented. They just need some battle scars to develop their sense of judgment. Most people are craving to be led. It doesn’t have to come from the top of the organization. Too often, less experienced people get caught up in what I like to call the tyranny of the “or”. They get focused on having to make binary choices, when there are often times creative solutions that encompass both sides of that binary option. The word “and” can be powerful, if you are willing to look for less obvious solutions. Knowing your role and doing it really well can result in great success in any field. Look around the corner rather than what is right in front of you, which he explains as seeking opportunities and challenging youself rather than doing the bare
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