Peter Abelard's Life And Accomplishments

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Peter Abelard was born in 1079 and died in 1142, and within his lifetime of 63 years, built a reputation as an a controversial, yet brilliant thinker. He was an important teacher, and was known as a poet and musician, as well as an unbeatable debater. He experienced much throughout his lifetime, but through everything, continued to be influential and impactful to both his contemporaries as well as later thinkers. Abelard was born to lesser nobility in La Pallet, in Brittany. When he turned 13, he gave up his inheritance as firstborn to instead build a career studying philosophy. He moved to Paris, an important center of learning for his time, and studied with the greatest philosophers of his day (iep). He initially studied under Roscelin of…show more content…
Heloise was one of the most intelligent women of her time in her own right, and Abelard chose her so they could talk and exchange ideas. This was a progressive view for his time. When Fulbert tried to get Abelard and Heloise to marry, Abelard did not dispute the idea, though it would primarily injure his reputation as an intellectual who should be distanced from the world. Instead, it was Heloise who argued against it. Heloise said that she wanted Abelard’s reputation to stay positive, so he could continue to see success in his career. But she also describes another significant idea in her letters to Abelard for why she doesn’t want to marry. Heloise says in a response to Abelard’s autobiography, “But you kept silent about most of my arguments for preferring love to wedlock and freedom to chains.”(letters p. 52). She lays out the arguments she was referring to in the passage following this statement. Her arguments center around this idea that it is better for her to love Abelard out of her own free will every day, than to be married and lose that choice. This idea was a progressive idea. She says this would be more significant to make the choice to love him that to be forced through marriage. Abelard is at least in part responsible for this idea because it emerged through their relationship and dialogue. Other ideas were developed through their correspondence as well, though this remains the most

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