Peter Alfandary And James Sun

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The world has become hugely interconnected over the last couple of year. With globalization being the preferred mode of operation for many businesses, the world has become borderless. Developments made in the field of information communication technology have also played a key role in helping bridge the gap that exists between people from different regions of the world. Thus, the world has become more interconnected with a lot of intercultural sharing. These developments have made it easier for businesses to penetrate and dominate foreign markets. In their videos on Ted talk, both Peter Alfandary and James Sun argue that there is a need for people to try to learn about other cultures as this enhances relation and understanding among people. The paper presents an analysis of existing research and current trends that reiterate or disapprove the views held by these narrators. It seeks to show that though globalization has taken root in today’s world, there is a need to take an interest in learning other cultures as this will ensure a better understand especially when doing business.

Peter Alfandary: The myth of globalization, in his video, Peter presents a case as to why there is a need to learn about other cultures. He notes that there is a tendency for people to assume because they share a common language or live in the same part of the world that they understand each other’s cultures. However, he illustrates how misplaced this belief is by proving that people may live…
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