Peter B. Robb: A Case Study

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During President Obamas time, the NLRB had a pro-union stance and is now going to change during president Trump’s term. Peter B. Robb will replace Richard Griffin who was a union attorney during Obamas time in the office. There has not been a Republican to serve as NLRB General Counsel since 2010. This could have major impact on labor laws and can affect business operations. One of the Board’s most provocative decisions was the Browning-Ferris decision in 2015, which decreased for finding joint employment in a relationship. The new standard incorporates that a business can be a joint employer, even though this involves only minimal or indirect control. Therefore, many companies have been very cautious of how they manage with third parties such as staffing agencies, franchisers and vendors.…show more content…
Also, even though many pro-union decisions could get changed, it will not be easy because it will have to go through the system before the Board can make the new changes. I definitely think the most important to keep in mind is the employees. As of right now the workers do not have the right to communicate about wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment. The NLRB is all about the employee. They want them to have the opportunity and right to be able to communicate freely about these conditions, which I agree
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