Peter Belisle Essay

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The sport of ice hockey is a family affair. This is something that Peter Belisle learned at an early age. Belisle’s father, a coaching legend, turned the Belisle name into a hockey empire in New England through hockey camps and programs for players and top draft recruitment for the National Hockey League. Belisle himself spent his high school career playing for his father’s team at Mount Saint Charles Academy in Rhode Island where he helped to lead the Mounties to two state championships as well as a national championship. Belisle was lucky enough to play under the coaching of his father, Bill, and older brother, Dave.
Following high school, Belisle took his talent to the University of Connecticut, where he played on the men’s ice hockey team throughout all four years of college. He
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This past 2015-2016 season has been their best year yet as they made it to Lake Placid to play in the Frozen Four tournament. The secret to success? “I pride myself on being a good communicator,” Belisle explained, “Motivation in communication is so big. You gotta be a bit more positive and you gotta motivate them to see why.” Keeping a team motivated is no easy task and when asked what keeps Belisle himself motivated, he replied, “It’s the motivation from your family first, no question.”
There is no doubt that Peter Belisle has had a successful career. His experience as a student athlete and coach has helped him lead his team to success. However, it isn’t the success that keeps him going, in the end it all comes down to his passion for the game. Belisle stated, “I’m so blessed, I love my job so much and I think that’s the thing I’m luckiest for.” They say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Belisle went on to emphasize that point, “Do something you love and find your passion and that’s what’s driven me to be the best that I could
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