Peter Browning Case Essay

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1. What are Browning’s are the dilemmas at White Cap? Explain

Peter Browning’s job is to revitalize a mature business in the face of serious competitive threats, but without discouraging the loyalty and morale of a family style culture. Market share of plastic bottles was growing fast and White Cap is losing customers due to that, so a change is necessary. However, few managers or employees at White Cap acknowledged the need for change and were resistant to change. Employees have been accustomed to a culture of little change, and consisted of years of rituals, ceremonies and traditions set by the White family. They are extremely loyal due to their expectation of job security and generous benefits. Browning was asked by Continental to
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a) White: The problem with Bob White is that even after retirement, he still had huge influence on White Cap’s management and employees, since they were used to his friendly and employee-oriented management style. Changes in management style could incur negative response within the company. To deal with White’s legacy, Browning should make current employees known he’s achievement and capabilities to accept and trust him. Also, he should persuade the employees the changes are necessary due to new competitors and new technologies in market.
Lawson: Lawson succeeded Bob White’s position and was simply a caretaker. The problem is Browning had to make changes from below Lawson. I think the best way to deal with Lawson is to persuade him the necessity of changes, and communicate with him about his new ideas of changes. It’s very important that your superior support what you do.
b) Stark: Jim Stark is a veteran in White Cap, with a fine track record with White Cap’s customers and maintained strong relationships in the field. Despite his strong outside presentation and selling ability, his internal relationships with his marketing staff were not ideal. And Stark’s boss, the general manager suggested not to make sudden personnel changes. To deal with this situation, Browning should appointment a co-director who’s good at personnel relationship within marketing department to improve team spirit and keep Stark
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