Peter Browning and Continental Whitecap Outline

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Peter Browning Action Plan Richard Hoffman, the Executive Vice President, could not have been more right when he acknowledged that Peter Browning had a difficult job in front of him. It was Peter’s job to revitalize a mature business in the face of serious competitive threats, but without discouraging the loyalty and morale of a family style culture. Under Continental’s management, Peter Browning was faced with several issues. First and foremost, some managers as well as most employees of White Cap’s were resistant to change. Many of the employees were older and had been with the company for a long time. Additionally, employees had a tendency to bring both their friends and family on board. They had not only become accustomed to a…show more content…
The mission should clearly set out specific and measurable end goals while keeping them realistic and attainable within a specific time frame. White Cap’s employees had seemed to lose a sense of direction and were satisfied with their products and with themselves. Browning’s vision and mission needed to spark change through top-down enforcement of the stated goals. Browning would need to micro-manage members of his staff, such as Stark and Green, in order to get them on board. Tom Green and Jim Stark have been with White Cap for a long period and should be given time (0 - 6 months) to align with Browning’s goals for the division. Failure or resistance from them, along with general employee buy in, would give him the justification and rationalization for their reassignment or dismissal. In order to enhance White Cap, Peter Browning needed to create new psychological contracts with his employees and peers (0 – 2 months). These contracts would represent the mutual beliefs, perceptions, and informal obligations between Peter, White Cap and their employees. Peter would change the existing contract so that people felt the new contract was just an enhancement. This would transform the old mindset and replace it with a new one. It is essential that Browning also communicate to employees the current status of White Cap’s vulnerabilities with its competitors (0 – 6 months). This would change the employees’ assumption that White Cap would be number one

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