Peter Jørgensen: The Lives Of Syrian Refugee Children

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In a gripping photographic article, Peter Jørgensen depicts the lives of Syrian refugee children. However, these are not ordinary photos. The pictures first shown depict the children without a background. As the reader clicks on the image, the background fades in clearly painting a picture of the lives these children live. The apparent purpose of the article is to demonstrate the reality these children are faced to live with and to effectively bring this information to those who may be unaware of the conditions of which refugees must endure. While many articles are written about the struggles of refugees, this article uses unique techniques to vividly show the unfortunate reality of refugee life. By using the technique of fading in the background…show more content…
Guilt that derives from the fact our country is not doing more to aide in the refugee crisis. Likewise, this article provokes me to ask the question: why are these images not shown more often in western media? I feel that currently our media is cluttered with useless information regarding inherently trivial stories, none of which compare to the struggles of not only children, but also millions of people. The refugee problem is currently one that I feel is ignored by many for various reasons. However, this article brings to light the horrors that are currently occurring and I feel it should be seen by more people, as the lives of refugees are no less than our own. Even though politicians make out refugees, and even immigrants, to be murderous extremists, the reality is most are nonviolent, normal families seeking a home, something often taken for granted by those in western cultures. The Syrian refugee crisis is, in my opinion, the most overlooked problem in recent history, and demonstrates in inherent issue in our society- we as a culture view these lives as less than our own. Overall, I feel this article does a thorough job of emotionally evoking readers and impacting their views on Syrian refugees and the lives they are forced to
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