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A martyr is someone who has laid their life down to hold on to their faith. Examples of martyrs are the twelve disciples, but I chose to research the mouthiest of the disciples, Peter. Peter was the odd disciple out in every story. Who tried to follow Jesus’ lead by walking on the water? Who refused the feet washing, then asked for a whole body washing? Who denied Jesus 3 times? The answer to all of these is Peter. I chose Peter because he has obviously been at fault before, but he knows that it is not about what he has done, but what God has done. I know that I am not perfect, but I want my life to be focused on God’s strength and not my weakness. Peter grew up in Bethsaida with his brother, Andrew. Originally, Peter’s name was Simon, but Jesus changed it to be Peter, which means rock. Being a son of a fisherman, he followed his father’s footsteps and also became a fisherman.…show more content…
Peter received a vision where he was told to take an unclean animal and eat it, which is similar to what God wanted him to do next: bring the message to gentiles. Peter changed much from the time that Jesus was on earth until the day that he died. He was not a man quick to say the wrong thing, but now the wise rock that Jesus had wanted him to be. He even wrote a couple of books to show the power of the Holy Spirit (Mowczko).
Peter was supposedly crucified upside down in Rome, although there is no clear evidence that points directly to these details all being correct. However, there are many sources that imply or mention something along the lines of a death in Rome, through martyrdom. These sources include Tertullian, Apocryphal Acts of Peter, Clement, and more. Much of the story is by oral tradition. The known facts is that at the time of Peter’s death, Nero was the leader of Rome. Christians were facing tough persecution, but the Holy Spirit spread quicker than ever
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